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The Original Pink Lady is one of the most popular Fleshlight inserts. It is the most popular fleshlight product with over 2 million items sold. Why it is so famous? The answer is quite simple! When you penetrate this Fleshlight, get ready to take your sexual desires to a new and exciting levels. This silky smooth texture provides the most realistic feeling that imitates a young woman’s vagina. It’s made from RealFeel™ SuperSkin™ patented material which replicates the true feeling of a woman’s skin. This Fleshlight now comes with a fantastic discount – to every purchase ILF gives you a free bottle of 4 oz Fleshlube Water. Black Case is also included! If you haven’t tried a Fleshlight before, this is the best moment to do it. This page is the best place to start your fleshlight adventure.

original fleshlight discount

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Do you need a replacement case or you’ve purchased new Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeve and you want to buy one more case? There’s no problem, because on site there are various models of Fleshlight Cases available. If you want to buy more than one Case ILF, the Fleshlight producer, released a great discount. Now, if you buy 2 fleshlight cases, you will get the third one half priced. So, If you have sleeves collection and you decide to pick a cases for them, you won’t find a better Fleshlight Cases Discount than this one. All you need to do is click the banner and pick case color. So you will give your extra sleeves their new own home for ever! Keeping your fleshlight sleeves in separate cases can extend their life for few months.



Let me introduce you the deepest discount available on site! Just Buy two Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves and get the third one totally free. With this fleshlight discount you can save $50. You can manually compose your collection of fleshlight masturbation sleeves. Choose from four different entries, three colors and six textures – that’s up to 72 different variations. Use this fantastic offer and experience a custom line-up of unexplored sleeves for one fantastic price. Now you’ve got a great possibility to experience all Fleshlight Sleeves without breaking your budget. You need to remember about crucial thing: all sleeves are sold separately, so be sure to add a fleshlight case before you check out. Anal fleshlight sleeve is of course not as good as one of Anal Sex Dubai Escorts.


Fleshlight Destroya is yet another super texture in the line up of Fleshlight Girls, and it is an exclusive for Stoya at the moment. Sometimes controversial, but always natural and naughty, Stoya is no stranger to weird and crazy things… but the Destroya Fleshlight texture is something else altogether. This texture combines some of the elements of other popular textures, and also brings along some never before seen pleasure chambers.

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight

The Destroya Fleshlight is a fairly tight texture, but as always Fleshlight’s skin material will stretch to allow anyone inside, and if you can make it to the end of the sleeve it begins to get even tighter. It is hard to put in to words just how this texture looks and feels, but to say the least this is one crazy ride that will probably become one of your favorites after you give it a try.

Fleshlight Destroya texture image

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As of the time of this review, you will get a few free bonuses with your purchase of the Stoya Fleshlight whether you choose the Destroya texture or not. For a start you will get a free subscription to Digital Playground, where you can download Stoya’s videos and more, and you will also get a free bottle of Gun Oil lubricant and a postcard of Stoya.

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Lately, ILF, the Fleshlight producer, released completely new set of Fleshlight lubricants called Fleshlubes. They are so fantastic that it’s highly recommended to try all three types. Now you’ve got a terrific occasion to save money with this discount! All these three lubricants can be yours almost $14 discounted. All you need to do is click the banner above. Fleshlube Elements were designed to give you the optimal silky smooth feeling as well playing with Fleshlight® as with your partner. These premium water-based lubricants are made from the highest quality ingredients. All of them are easy to rinse off, are natural and incredibly pleasurable during use. There are three types of fleshlight Lubes that gives you three different sensations: Water, Ice and Fire. I’ve tried all of them and I can guarantee that you won’t find better water-based lubricant on a today’s market.

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